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Medicom Toy x Undercover “UNDERMAN” Figurines

If you know me, you know I have appreciation for these two of many things–but this brings both under the same umbrella:  UnderCover and quality toys. Jun Takahashi continues killing the game in one way or another.

Now Virgin

© by Flavor / Photography Harper Smith / Styling Celine Marioni CQC

Quaint Visage

Kirill Vasilev, Tom K. and Stephanie R. for Singapore-based Men’s Folio. Shot by Stefan Khoo, styled by Chia Wei Choong, grooming by Ark Lin. TF.

Create Build Destroy: Fall/Winter 2011/12{+++ A Violent New Continent: East of Eden


Stefan Giftthaler

Robert Hamada for Siki Im

Beautiful. New Era FW 2010 Isolation/Integration


This is absolutely absurd and shitty, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Please forgive me. In some lost, mental, late-night conundrum, I hope someone simultaneously shoots and manages to cryogenically freeze Karl Lagerfeld so the motherfucker can continue to maintain genius stupidity in the 22nd and 23rd centuries–should the world not fall into total nuclear apocalypse. […]

Ursa Major by Kate Jones F/W 2011 Collection View Full Collection (the most beautiful jewelry your money can buy)

Rick Genest by Raphaël Ouellet for NIGHTLIFE

The Fashionisto

An Unknown Quantity

I’d like to take a minute to depart from our usual postings of women and photos. This is my friend Ryo Miyamoto, from Otamayim B Dipper.  It is always with pleasure that I greet Ryo-San and I have great admiration for his well curated aesthetic, be it colorful prints or darker hues. The kid is […]

The Rising Sun

“The  earthquake and tsunami that have struck Japan  provoking tremendous devastation, thousands of victims, woundeds and evacuees, and great fear of the consequences that the nuclear damages might still cause to the Japanese population, have deeply shaken and moved the entire world. THE RISING SUN is an initiative that aims to transform that sharing into […]

‘Stand By’ by Jason Last with Crystal Renn

Jason Last


you wanna be high for this

Android Dreams

Photography by Greko Sklavounos

Dream Sequence

Shot by Madame Peripetie aka Sylwana Zybura

A Love Affair in Metal

We’re drifting, drifting, but I still got mad love. BEVEL NYC by Jonathan Goldstein BEVEL by Jonathan Lloyd Goldstein / FW2011 • Featuring Mateus Lages with Re:Quest Models. New York, NY Photography & Art Direction: Char Alfonzo, Styling: Make Up: Alejandro Calvani, Hair: Spikey Love, Photography Assistant: Corrine Schiavone. © 2010 Char Alfonzo. All rights […]