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CBD Radio – “I don’t care if she was my own mother, I’d still fuck her with no rubber”

Nine in my back pack, dime on my nut sack, Crime where my minds at, smoking on a blunt wrap, Burn ‘em in a big vat of dog piss and pig fat, RUNEROCK, Tomorrow People, yeah you know we run rap “Like we filmin’ Twilight in this bitch” – don’t have a care in the […]

CBD Radio – Acid Burns Nice

All I wanna do is ride around shining while I can afford it, Plenty ice on my neck so I don’t get nauseous, Float around in the greatest of Porsche’s Feel like a chuck wagon ’cause I’m on twelve horses Hot water burn baby. Hot fire burn village. Take something to ease the pain, this […]

CBD Radio – Attack Yourself

Trainin gladiator, anti-hesitater Shaheed push the fader from here to Granada Mr. energetic, who me sound pathetic When’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic? Good news hip-hoppers, we back, with a banger. Cover your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you don’t already know you’re about to find out. Tick Tock Milo Ben-Amotz * […]

CBD Radio – Politics as Usual

I kick flows for ya, kick down doors for ya Even left all my motherfucking hoes for ya, Niggas think Frankie pussy whipped, nigga picture that With a Kodak, Instama-tak Live from El Salvador: mountain peaks & chicks in Jeeps. Keeping the Fresh clean, and the Clean fresh since 1978. Lover Loop Milo Ben-Amotz pack […]

CBD Radio – Save Yourself

We realized there’s planet of cream to obtain With the predominant rap conglomerate spark the flame Hark the name, The Fifth from the Ill-Power Hill at that He dropped me off within the streets of South Phil’ Listen. Learn. We put you on. Nothing in Return RUNE!

CBD Radio – Tomorrow We Die

Livin amuk, never givin a fuck Gimme the keys I’m drunk, and I’ve never driven a truck But I smoke dope in a cab I’ll stab you with the sharpest knife I can grab Come back the next week and re-open your scab Molotov cocktails in your living room, ka-boom! From the land of the […]

CBD Radio – Where’s your damn dad now?

Took a lot of samples out you don’t gotta clear those, made a lotta weird raps you don’t wanna hear those, Labels like ‘maybe we can cake off the weirdoes’ ‘OK, plug your nose here it goes’ Caveman porn star riding on a unicorn undercover cop and I’m wearin a uniform, Plus I wrote all […]

CBD Radio – Fear & Loathing

The cat with nine lives, cut down to size All the humor all the lies, died crooked in his eyes Still we try to fuckin’ fly, try to make it black and white But the perplexed purple got me rottin’ in the sky If you can’t swim don’t come to my birthday party. RUNE la […]

CBD Radio – “Enter the Void”

Used to play basketball, then we started drinkin’ Used to be dinkin’ like a young Dave Dinkins Like a young Abe Lincoln in a cabin I be singin’ You can’t smell me? I’m stinkin’ I’m Hindu Kush I’m Hindu Thug I’m drugs, I’m drums, I’m dubs, I’m love If your weekly diet doesn’t consist of […]

CBD Radio – Lost in the Woods

See now that ya’ll got Obama ya’ll happy as some pigs n’ slop I’m waitin’ for the other shoe to drop, I got these guns to cop, The revolution won’t be televised so I refuse to watch, Middle finger to the cops the struggle won’t ever stop I’m fuckin two prude Jews with some huge […]

CBD Radio 9/30

Pink wig thick ass give ‘em whip lash, I think big get cash make em blink fast What’d you think all the drugs was for? Got blood ‘n teeth on the floor, plus some more gore in store. Martian Seas by Jon Tanners Crown on the ground, around and around

CBD Radio 9/15

Confirmation of your worse fears Ever since his first years had a thirst for beers Back beter than ever, on top of the game, even the chicks in the hood be like ‘we lovin’ ya mane’ Fire Wind and Water by Tyler Ben-Amotz +++++++++++++++ ++++++Who+++++++ ++++++Shot+++++++ +++++++Ya+++++++ +++++++++++++++

CBD Radio 9/1

I’m the verbal-spit Smith Wesson I unload with sick spit the quick wick could split a split-second, Bomb with a lit wick expression You here a tick tick then you testin.. Back by popular demand of the hood. Ladies grab your dresses. The Return by Milo Ben-Amotz there’s no home for your here girl go’way

CBD Radio 8/25

We live this, fitted hats low conceal the crooked eye, No surprise, verbal stick up: put em high Rebel I, outlaw, split second on the draw Blow the door off this shit, like bricks of C4 Just when you were about to start missing us, we’re back better than ever, on top of our game, […]

CBD Radio

All hail king Neptune and his water breathers, No snail thing too quick for his water beaters We back in the building, Brooklyn we back on the map, me and my beautiful biiiitch, we in the back of that ‘bach Come taste the cream of our crops: GO by RUNE +++++++++++++++ +++++GET+++++++ ++++++IT++++++++ +++++ON++++++++ +++++THE+++++++ […]

CBD Radio

Fresh out the dealer, got the Tec for the squealers Wear a vest for the killers, nuttin less cause it’s reala Still smokin’, gun totin’, dumb locin’, cheddar holdin’ Two thousand and forever, we paint the tizzy rizzy. Vibrator by RUNE we let shots fly regardless

CBD Radio 6/30

Through the lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe When I’m deceased, by then the beast arise like yeast to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets WPTR Radio is back for another night of rocking rhythms and bashful blues, so hold […]

CBD Radio 6/16 aka Did You Miss Us?

Caviar and silk dreams, my voice is linen Spittin venom up in the minds of young women Mink thoughts to think thoughts type similar Might you remember, my shit is cold like December “Have you ever had your balls cut off, you fucking ape?” Please step back into our world of vibrations: Mighty Healthy (Remix) […]