A Paradise Lost & Paradise Found Vol.2 Bonjour-Hi “Kiss My Mind”

From conception to fruition, through ultimate failure, glimpses of hope, shared passions, hard work and shattered dreams, life always manages to stabilize, whilst not necessarily nearing perfection. In the end, we are simply left with those we’ve interacted with, those we’ve admired and those we’ve learned from. And thus, begins the spawning and understanding of simple human interaction. With varying and eclectic points of musical inclinations and inspirations curated and brought under one cohesive umbrella, we are proud to present “A Paradise Lost and Paradise Found Series”, a collaborative selection of mixtapes done by young artists from multiple genres who are slowly carving their names in the industry. This is for the dreamers, the lost scribes, the hopeless romantics and the long-dead poets.

The second mix is from DJ/Producer group Bonjour-Hi titled “Kiss My Mind”. Bonjour-Hi draws on several sources for inspiration. The group has developed a distinct and infectious sound characterized by a sharp blend of world-influenced electro, b-more and baile-funk.

Bonjour-Hi ||| Kiss My Mind